Opening Remarks – JS Prom – Feb. 25, 2011

  “Some affairs are to be done; some are to be remembered. But there are those that are to be cherished – as they are engraved in our hearts forever.”

            To our goal-driven Principal, Prof. Vicente Jimenez Ruste, to our value-oriented Assistant Principal, Prof. Antonia Andico Cabato, to our visionary Academic Coordinator, Prof. Remedios Loquillano Jalao, and to our ever-caring Guidance Councillor, Prof. Jessica Serra Osing, committed mentors of the department, dear seniors, fellow juniors, valued guests, and dear friends, an evening of wonders to one and all.

          Feb. 25, 2011 is the date marked by all in their calendars – The Junior and Senior Promenade. As one of the juniors of this very prestigious school, it is within my consciousness and I shall not be singular in telling that we all have worked hard just to be present here tonight. During our practice, we all have endured the countless hours of standing, waltzing, singing and repeating things over and over just to get things right. But I know deep within my heart that all our hardships will pay off tonight.

            To my fellow juniors, this will be our first time to have this JS Prom. We’ve been excited from the very day we stepped into the portals of this academic institution. Such is a grand experience worthy of anticipation. For the seniors, this will be another wonderful experience but perhaps the most memorable of them all; since, it will be one of the few that is left to be done before your very graduation.

            How could this event be of that much importance to us? Junior and Senior Promenades have existed generations before us. The reason why it’s so memorable is because it is OUR time to unwind with friends and meet people whom we haven’t got a chance to know in the earlier months of the year. And better to that, it is a chance for us to undergo transition and conduct ourselves not as kids, but as ladies and gentlemen. This brings us immeasurable joy; an experience worth the sharing in the years to come.

            May this affair forge bonds among all of us, students of this department together with our teachers. May the fruit of this fulfilling activity be ours not only as keep safe but as wisdom: as an experience – as a piece of the magnificent gift named “life”.

            To God be the glory, now and forever. Thank you!

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  1. can i use some words from here for the welcome address??

    • Good day! Yes, you could use some words here. Just please say that it came from this blog. :))

  2. oh im going to use it this coming thursday 🙂
    it would really be a great help

  3. `.thank you for posting this opening remarks . . . It’s a great help !

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